Dell is making a convertible 13-inch XPS laptop with its edge-to-edge display

Building on the most recent upgrade to the 13-inch XPS laptop, it looks like Dell is about to make a 2-in-1 version. First spotted by Windows Central, a convertible XPS 13 with what looks like an Infinity Edge display has appeared on Dell’s website. There are no other details yet, but if Dell builds on everything it got right with last year’s impressive model it should be a contender if it appears at CES 2017.
The XPS 13 that Dell introduced in 2015 was a great look at the future of laptops. Since then, Microsoft has given manufacturers even more reasons to build modular touch-friendly machines with its Surface Studio tech (the Surface Dial should be open to other manufacturers to use, as well as any innovations that flow from it in Windows apps). And there’s good reason to think convertible laptops are the reference for what makes a good Windows laptop in 2017 and beyond — the best Windows laptop we saw last year was a convertible from HP.



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