5 Things That Could Had Made The Tecno Phantom 6 Better


images (3).jpg

1. Android 7.1 Nougat
The new version of android offers a lot of useful features and had one of the longest list of changelog among all android versions ever released. The version of android had been released for a long time enough for tecno to program it for the phantom 6 which was released late this year.


2. Smaller screen version
Tecno released two screen versions, 5.5 inch and 6.0 inch. Knowing that not everybody is a fan of big screen, this is not an option because they are both big screens! Anybody that can use a 5.5 inch could as well settle for a 6.0 inch and vice versa. But a 5.0 inch phantom 6 could had made a whole lot sense.


3. Finger print reader (phantom 6)
The phantom 6 (not Plus) did not come with a finger print reader, and for a 90k Plus phone, it is a no no. The phantom 6 however has iris scanner which is far more time wasting and less accurate than a finger print reader.


4. Better design (phantom 6 Plus)
Phantom 6 design was on point, phantom 6 Plus was not. Phantom 6 Plus could had been more sleeker like than phantom 6 if not more. Mobile phones play a big role in our fashion and style, and a good looking phone is needed, knowing the way people look at our hands today.


5. Waterproof
Almost every flagship of 2016 came water proofed sadly not Tecno’s Phantom line. We have gone pass the days of having to wrap your phone in a nylon when it’s raining, or having panic when you spill a drink on your phone probably during meals. In the phantom 6 case, you’ll still have to open up the phone and keep it under hot sun, then pray that nothing goes wrong with it.


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