Samsung Knows Why The Galaxy Note 7 Was Exploding But Is Not Ready To Tell You

Samsung had recalled the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 twice because of explosions, and eventually pulled the phablet off of the market, the company at first was unable to duplicate the explosions in the lab. But today, a new report says that Samsung has figured out exactly what caused the problems with Galaxy Note 7 battery that cost the company a reported $5 billion in lost revenue and other costs.


Samsung says that it has shared the results of its internal investigation with UL and the Korea Testing Laboratory. And while the company has promised to release a report detailing the exact cause of the explosions by the end of this year, so far the company is not yet ready to share the results of its investigation with the public.

At the beginning of this month, a report blamed the design of the battery used on the Galaxy Note 7 for causing the explosions and fires. Samsung reportedly wanted a thin battery with as much energy capacity as possible in order to maintain the phablet’s thin design and long battery life.


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