iPhone 8 Might Support Apple Pencil

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Remember all that talk earlier this year about a possible Apple iPhone 7 Pro? While Apple ended up sticking to the Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus, we might see the iPhone 8 Pro debut as the super premium model designed for the 10th anniversary of Apple’s iconic smartphone. This would be the model with edge-to-edge glass, Touch ID embedded in the display, a curved OLED screen, and possibly support for the Apple Pencil.

Apple appears to be taking seriously the idea of having the Apple Pencil work on at least the premium 10th anniversary iPhone, if not all of next year’s models. A patent application filed with the USPTO and recently released, is called “Devices and Methods for Manipulating User Interfaces with a Stylus,” and is a continuation of earlier patent filings made by Apple in June and September of last year.

The USPTO documentation discusses sensors that would allow a special menu for the stylus to appear on the device’s screen as the stylus moves closer to it. The stylus could also open certain apps from the lock screen. With the writing tool, users will be able to draw, write text, trace photos and more.

So far, the Apple Pencil is available for both iPad Pro models.


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