10 Tips To Saving Your Battery Life

 1. Reduce Screen Brightness:
Reducing your screen brightness saves a lot of battery, more juice is used up as your screen is brighter. Therefore keep your screen brightness at the lowest each time or better yet set it too automatic considering times you might be outdoors. Also lowering the Screen Timeout from 1 minute to 15 or 30 seconds, If you are the type to let your phone sleep automatically (rather than pressing the sleep button when you’re done using it), this will help you save some juice as well

 2. Uninstall/Disable Unwanted Apps:
There are few apps in your phone which you have never used, you will never use, you are done using or you have duplicate of apps that perform the same function. These apps need to go! If they don’t, they will keep using up your memory and battery! You know these apps yourself, like have a default internet browser, chrome, firefox, opera and uc browser on one phone, unless you these apps, go through your phone and uninstall them. If the apps you don’t use came preinstalled on your phone, you can uninstall them on iPhone and windows. But as For Android, you can only disable them(like shut it down. But does not uninstall). Still on android, to find the app in order to disable it, you will have to go to setting>>apps>> all apps (this differs with device)

Battery saving, ram clearing, cache cleaner, bla bla bla! Uninstall them now!  These apps don’t do anything magical  and actually do the reverse of what they are. For these apps to keep working, there are constantly running in the background thereby draining the resources they claim to save. And your battery is a victim! So all those “DU battery saver” and the rest of the family, uninstall them now!

 3. Switch Off Your Camera Flash When Not Needed:
Some people, when taking pictures even under hot sunlight would still use their camera flashlight, well not only is it not needed, it kills your battery! Flash light needs a lot of power to produce such a bright light, that’s why most phones don’t allow you to use your flashlight when your battery is low. So taking pictures with your camera flash on, even when you have enough light around to take the picture is just pure wasting of battery.

 4. Switch Off Your Data Connection and EDGE network Instead of 3G/4G:
Leaving an always on data connection requires a lot of battery juice so putting it off at times when you don’t need it saves you a lot of battery power. Also when a WiFi connection is available, its recommend you use it instead of data to save battery. But remember to switch your WiFi off when not in use. Because it uses less battery than your data does not mean you should leave it on. Leaving it on would make your phone constantly search for WiFi network thereby draining your battery. As for EDGE/3G/4G networks, I know this could be hard considering that edge is way slower than 3G/4G networks. But using 3G/4G, which are faster networks, also use more battery! Also 4G uses more battery than 3G. So the faster the network, the more your battery is used up. Therefore when next your doing something light on the internet, like chatting, EDGE network is advisable to use to save Battery.

 5. Switch All Connections Off When Not In Use:
I have talked about switching data and WiFi off when you are not using them. Same applies to Bluetooth, GPS and even your network. These connections drains battery if left on and if they are not in use, they have no reason to be left on. As for your network, if you are not the “always on calls” type, you can put your phone in flight mode times when your phone is not in use to save battery.

 6. Turn Of Vibration:
Turn off any form of vibration. Electric motor which makes the vibration each time your phone rings or you press something on your phone are not battery friendly and use up your battery. So turn them off if you don’t need it. Haptic feedback is also included.

 7. Update Your Device OS:
From time to time, your device manufacturer would send you software updates, which most are likely maintenance/performance updates. Usually, considering that the manufacturer make these updates to make the OS more optimised and to increase performance, these updates usually help your device to maintain a longer battery life.

 8. Use A Headphone Over Loud Speaker + Reduce The Volume:
Using headphones to listen to music or watch a video on your phone could save it some battery juice, tho it’s hardly noticeable compare to the points above but it is true. Also listen to sound at higher volume use up more battery power, so keep your phone volume at minimum to save your battery.

 9. Keep Your Phone At Lower Temperature:
Using your phone at lower temperature saves more Battery and higher temp temperature uses more. Being cold increases the battery’s internal resistance to electricity flow. This decreases the battery’s capacity or run time. Heat, while it decreases internal resistance, causes undue wear and tear on the battery. So try to keep your phone at low temperature at all times.

 If you use AMOLED screen….
 10. Use Dark Themes, Night Modes And Dark Wallpapers
There are Majorly two type of screens, AMOLED and LCD. If you use LCD, you’re out of luck. Unlike LCD which the whole screen is always on, AMOLED is kind  of having each pixel as its own independently coloured, miniature light bulb on the screen. So for AMOLED to show black, all it really does is put off those bulbs! So if you use a phone with AMOLED screen like most Samsung and Nokia(Microsoft) phones, then using a dark or black theme, wallpaper e.t.c means a lot of switched off pixel bulbs which equals saving a lot of battery.

BONUS. Do not close apps:
study shows that closing apps from your recent apps view actually uses more battery juice, But leaving the app has no effect on your battery life. I know this is in contrast to what you originally thought. But it’s the fact. The task switcher is just there to make it easy to switch between apps.


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