Google Help New Android Users Out


Google has launched a new section on its Android website dedicated to teach its users how to use its operating system more efficiently.
The new section is called  ‘Tips and Tricks’.  It teaches users how the most basic functions can be performed on Android and is extremely useful for the users who are new to the platform. The section, for example, it is very helpful because it gives a  step-by-step instructions to setting and setups.
The various sub-sections includes instruction on how to go about privacy and security, voice functions, saving your battery life, camera and photo apps and many more There are tips to customize your phone’s theme and organize apps according to your use.
Tips and Tricks also suggests various Google apps that will enhance your Android experience and will help you get the most out of the platform. In addition, it lists out the useful features that come along with its applications.

The new section may not have anything new for experienced users but this sort of a guide is bound to be of use to many smartphone users.
It also help with what to do when you lose your Android phone and want to know how to lock or locate it, you should know what’s next.


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